Morristown New Jersey Lady Colonials Girls Lacrosse

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Equipment Needed:


  • GIRLS LACROSSE STICK:  Girls use a different stick than boys with the most significant difference being np "pocket" which makes it much harder to pass, catch, and cradle.  We recommend buying a full stick, many of which can be found at a major sports store (Dicks) or a local lacrosse-specific store (Lacrosse Unlimited, Madison, NJ).  We also recommend cutting the stick to a size that is suitable for the child's size.  Please ask a coach if you would like them to cut it to a proper length.  MANDATORY
  • MOUTH GUARD: A professionally manufactured and properly worn mouth guard which shall include an occlusal (protecting and separating the biting surfaces) and a labial (protecting the teeth and supporting structures) portion that covers the posterior teeth with adequate thickness.  Mouth guards cannot be clear or white or have protruding tabs except for the goalkeeper. MANDATORY 
  • GOGGLES: Eye protection or goggles meeting the ASTM certification for women’s lacrosse. MANDATORY
  • CLEATS: When playing outside on grass or TURF.  STRONGLY RECOMMENDED
  • NO JEWELRY IS TO BE WORN WHEN PLAYING LACROSSE.  Please keep this in mind if your child is getting her ears pierced for the first time.  She will not be able to play with starter studs in her ears.